Share (Savings)

Regular Shares (Savings)

The Share (Savings) account is the cornerstone for all of our services and the basis for your membership. With a minimum opening deposit of $5.00, this Share account will represent your share of ownership and make you eligible for all services that Trans Texas Southwest Credit Union has to offer.

*There is no monthly fee.

Dividends for all dividend bearing accounts will begin to accrue on the business day you deposit cash and non-cash items to your account. Dividends will be calculated by the daily balance method, compounded and paid quarterly. The quarterly dividend period for the Share (Savings) account begins on the first calendar day and ends on the last calendar day of the quarter. In the event your Share (Savings) account is closed before dividends are paid, you will not receive the accrued dividends.

Money Market Accounts

Dividends are based on balance tier and are paid monthly. Limit of six (6) withdrawal transactions per month. If transaction limit is exceeded, or if account balance drops below $2500.00 minimum, account will be subject to a $10.00 monthly service charge.

Savers Club Accounts

We are pleased to offer a special savings product - the Savers Club account! This savings account is an alternative to a fixed-term certificate of deposit and is designed to encourage long-term savings. This account earns interest monthly at a rate equal to the 12-month CD rate as of April 1st.

There are both deposit and withdrawal restrictions on this account:

  • Deposits are limited to a total of $500.00 per calendar month.
  • Only one withdrawal is permitted per calender year. Any additional withdrawals are subject to a penalty equal to 90 days interest.
  • The minimum opening deposit is $100.00, and the maximum opening deposit is $500.00.
  • Limit one Savers Club account per TIN.

Set your sights on the future and put a Savers Club account to work for you today!

Share Certificates

This is an account that provides a higher yield on your funds. Certificates of deposit are issued for a fixed amount and for a designated time. The minimum amount to invest in a CD is $500.00. Dividends are paid quarterly. They can be deposited to CD, shares or checking, or withdrawn. Penalty of 90 days dividends will apply to early withdrawal of principal

IRA Accounts

(Traditional and ROTH available)

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) help you save now for security in your retirement years. Make your savings a habit with payroll deduction! Save part of each paycheck to add to your IRA account. Interest is compounded monthly on 30-day accounts.

We accept Rollovers from Qualified Plans, or Transfers from other financial institutions.

Christmas Club Account

Let us help you prepare for Christmas!

Dear Valued Member:

Plan for the holidays with our great Christmas Club Account, designed to help you easily set aside savings for Christmas expenses. This account can be opened at any time, with as little as $5.00. You may make unlimited deposits to this account, but no withdrawals are permitted, allowing your savings to grow throughout the year. In October, we will transfer the funds to your share savings account to be available for your Christmas Shopping needs.

Dividends are paid monthly on this account.