Login Instructions

On our website www.transtexas.coop

  1. In the Online Account Access box on the right, enter your 2-5 digit Account number(provided on your membership card), then click Login.
  2. Welcome/Sign In page will open.  Click link under “New Members”.
  3. Fill in all boxes & click Sign Up.  You will receive a Temporary password at the email address you just entered.(email must match what Trans Texas has on file)
  4. Once Temporary password is received, return to Sign In page and enter Account number in box below “Returning Members”.  Click Login.
  5. Select your Authentication questions & create a Confidence word(confirms you are on our Site)
  6. When prompted to Login, you will use the Temporary password and click Login.
  7. To change to Permanent password, enter Temporary password in Current password box, then create your New password. Click Change.(Must be at least 8 characters and include 1 Upper case letter, 1 Lower case letter, and 1 number)
  8. To complete Login, enter Account number and use New password.
  9. Once you have successfully logged in, a box will appear for the option to set up your E-Statements.  E-Statements are a great option for those who wish to reduce the amount of paper mail they receive.  If you have opened a Best of Texas account, E-Statements are required.  For all other members, E-Statements are optional.